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Project Summary and Goals:

Our goal is to have a signature art piece representative of women across our community and be the signature piece in a new building in the Cone Health Hospital System TBN. It will be the central focal point in the main lobby space for a women's outpatient services building.

We are looking for a creative 2-dimensional (preferred) or 3-dimensional piece that reflects our collective voices of what women experience: Friendship, Fear, Hope, Love, Loss, and Vulnerability. We want the artwork to connect with our patients and their experiences of loss (miscarriages), types of pregnancy, different races of babies, diverse populations, special needs children, and different types of families.

Goals of the project include:

· To activate the Cone Health-Women's  Outpatient Services building lobby with an artwork.

· To connect art and wellness in an engaging and meaningful way.

· To reflect the mission and exemplify it in creative and innovative ways.

· To provide an opportunity for community engagement and ownership with the patrons of the Cone Health-Women's  Outpatient Services building – both young and old.

· Create a visually stunning work of art that inspires wonder and compassion.

Concept Considerations:

Through conversations with community members, patients, staff, and the care team, the artwork's following themes were discovered as critical components to this signature piece.

· Colors that are calming

· Helping patients feel comfortable

· Create a sense of belonging

· Soothing features (ex. water)

· Images of ALL women (pregnant, not pregnant, old, young, etc.)

· Engaging local NC WOMEN artists

Art Placement + Dimensions

The artwork will be the focal point in the main lobby of the Cone Health-Women's  Outpatient Services building, welcoming each visitor into the space.  The blank wall space that is usable for artwork is 16’ 7 ¼” by height of 6’.

(More information about wall construction: The width of the wall is 16’ 7 ¼” by height of 10’. The knee wall will be dead center of that wall so 8’ 4 ½” from either side to the center of the knee wall. The knee wall will extend to 4 ‘ high, leaving 6’ of blank wall above the knee wall. The knee wall was added due to social distancing requirements. There will be chairs on both sides of the knee wall.)

Cone Health-Women's  Outpatient Services building (name TBD), Built with Intentionality:

For patients like the mother described above, the center that is designed specifically with women's care in mind will transform her experience by:

1. Being located near other community services and directly on the Greensboro bus line;

2. Collocating multiple services to ensure convenient care delivery;

3. Offering programs outside of traditional care that addresses social determinants of health and positively impact birth outcomes, and by

4. Creating a women's centric environment that is welcoming for all.

Total Project Budget:

The total project budget directed to the selected artist will be $15,000. A contract for conceptual design development, community engagement, final design completion, engineering, fabrication, equipment rental, permits, insurance, storage, installation, materials, travel and accommodations, and any other costs incurred by the artist will be implemented for a work of public art to be displayed in the lobby of the Cone Health-Women's  Outpatient Services building.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.